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Shay 'La Fayette' (for 7.25" or 7.5" gauge)

This two-truck style of locomotive was used in the late 1890s to early 1900s in the United States and Canada. Its main use was in the logging and mining industries. Features making it special were that a very flexible design could cope with poor and uneven track and since the engine was geared to the wheels it had a very high tractive effort at low speeds.

This 1/3 full size locomotive is based on the 24 tonne 2' gauge prototype.
Length: 2950mm
Width: 700mm
Height: 900mm

Weight: 750kg (dry).
The water tank can carry 65 litres.

Motive Power:
3 cylinder double acting steam engine with Stevenson valve gear. The Boiler is of 43 litre capacity and is propane gas fired. Four gas cylinders are located in the tender, fed through a regulator to the driver's cab.

It has an operating speed 12 km/h, with a carrying capacity of 50 adults or 70 children.

Propane gas consumption hauling 30 passengers is 2.5kg per hour. Water usage is 40 litres per hour for the same load.

Below are some photos of the Shay 'La Fayette' built by IKON Locomotive Works for an Australian client. The Shay Locomotives are built to suit each customer's individual specifications.

Picture of the right-hand side of the Shay showing the 3-cylinder engine, crankshaft and driveline.

Picture of cab inside showing driver's controls and gauges.

The Shay 'La Fayette' in operation.

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