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IKON has an experienced team of technicians who specialise in the modification of vehicles to suit clients with disabilities. An in-house occupational therapist is available for consultation to ensure the clients receive the most suitable adaption to their vehicle for their particular needs.

IKON also has an in-house registered safety inspector, who certifies all modifications before the vehicle is released to the client.

We currently supply and install:
    -  Cullen Radial hand controls
    -  Push-Pull hand controls
    -  Steering spinners
    -  Left foot accelerators
    -  Wheelchair lift 'Boom Hoists' for vans and station wagons
    -  'Highline' rooftop wheelchair hoists

Hand Controls
We manufacture and install two types of hand control - a basic push-pull style and the more advanced Cullen Radial type (as detailed below). The Cullen Radial type of hand control are custom fitted to suit the vehicle and the driver. They are placed as close to the steering column as possible, so as not to encroach on the driver's knee space. This is the preferred hand control for long-distance drivers.

The image below shows a typical Cullen Radial type of hand control fitted to the right hand side of the steering wheel. The action for braking is away from the driver towards the dash board. The action for acceleration is downwards towards the front edge of the driver's seat. The weight of the driver's arm balances the hand control so that no additional effort is required to maintain constant speed on long trips.

Normally a hinged accelerator pedal would be fitted in conjuction with this hand control. See the section below.

Hand Controller
(Click on image for larger version)

Left Foot Custom Built Accelerator
The pictures below show an installed left foot accelerator pedal. The image on the left shows the left foot accelerator pedal folded down and the right foot accelerator pedal folded up. This is necessary to prevent accidental depression with the right foot. For standard use of the vehicle the left foot pedal can be folded up out of the way and the right foot pedal can be folded down for use (as shown in the right-hand image).

Right foot accelerator pedal folded up. Left foot accelerator pedal folded up.

Steering Wheel Spinner
The steering spinner is usually installed at 9 or 10 o'clock in conjunction with a hand control to enable the driver to have better control when maneouvring in tight spots, such as when parking the vehicle. The steering knob can be easily removed for standard use of the vehicle.

Steering Wheel Spinner

Wheelchair lift 'Boom Hoist' for vans and station wagons
The Ikon Boom Hoist BH 150 is installed into the rear corner of a van or station wagon. It is used to lift manual or battery operated power wheelchairs into the rear of vans or station wagons. Due to their innovative design, these hoists can be adjusted in height and reach to suit most wheelchairs and vehicles.

1. Wheelchair being readied for lifting by the BH 150 Boom Hoist.

2. Wheelchair suspended by the BH 150 Boom Hoist in the air.

3. Wheelchair swung into the vehicle and about to be lowered.

4. Wheelchair secured in its travelling position with the lifting hook still attached.

Rooftop Wheelchair Hoist
The 'Highline' Rooftop Wheelchair Hoist lifts and stows the folding wheelchair on to the roof of the car. It is very easy to operate and is powered from the vehicle's electrical system. The hoist can be adjusted to suit most types of folding manual wheelchairs.

Images showing the 'Highline' Rooftop Wheelchair Hoist in operation (Click on images to view larger versions).

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